"All animals are equal in our eyes and each one has a special gift to give."

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Our Mission

We want to create an awareness within our community about the immediate need to reduce the number of unwanted and discarded animals. The cornerstone of our program is to educate and promote the concept of spaying and neutering.

We want to make sure every animal can find its way home. If it can't find its way home, then we will provide a safe, caring and secure environment until it finds a new home. We strongly believe that every dog deserves the opportunity to live its life as a part of a loving and caring family. All dogs are equal in our eyes, and each one has a special gift to give.

We believe that a caring and compassionate commitment to the animals that we share our lives with, will provide for an enriching environment for us all.

We're Making a Difference, Will You?

We believe that it is our responsibility to leave the footprints for the ones that will come behind us, to make a difference and to make our contributions meaningful and long-lasting.

The Starfish Story

One morning a man was walking down a beach that was covered in dying starfish. The tide the night before had been especially strong and thousands of starfish had been washed up on shore, too far up for them to make it back into the water by themselves. The man shook his head as he trudged along thinking what a shame it was that all of those starfish would die on the beach.

He came upon a boy who was throwing starfish back into the ocean as fast as he could. He was out of breath and it was obvious that he had been at this task for a while. "Son," the man said, "you might as well quit. There are thousands of them. They are washed up all over the beach as far as you can see. There is no way you can make any sort of a difference." The boy did not even pause in what he was doing. He kept bending and throwing but as he did, he spoke to the man, "I can make a difference to this one, and this one, and this one."

And the man thought, and he knew the boy was right. He began to help return the animals to their home, smiling at how life's biggest lessons sometimes come from the smallest people."

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